Gunnar O’Neill-Sengbush

Gunnar O’Neill-Sengbush
usa United States
July 16, 1992

About Gunnar

Duluth FC is excited to announce the return of Gunnar O’Neill-Sengbush, who will be playing with the club for his third straight season, a talented local outside back with a history with the BlueGreens.

Having played for the club long before the NPSL days, Gunnar is Twin Ports through and through, born in Duluth and playing his college play for the University of Wisconsin Superior. Gunnar was named to the UMAC second team in 2017 while with UWS.

O’Neill-Sengbush looks forward to rejoining the club on the cusp of another season of NPSL and US Open Cup action. “I love the chance to represent my hometown and playing for a club I have been able to see grow from the very beginning.”