Bluegreens are Playoff Bound

The BlueGreens look towards playoffs as they cap off their regular season with a win over Sioux Falls

FC vs. Sioux Falls Thunder FC

Public Schools Stadium | Duluth, MN

July 15th, 2022 | Game #14 Current 2022: Records (W-L-T):

Duluth: 7-0-1; 4-2-0 at home/on the road

Sioux Falls: 2-3-2; 1-3-3 at home/on the road

Starting XI: Sam Thornton, Blake Perry, Wynand Wessels, Paul Bobai, Cian Gantley, Kostyantyn Domaratskyy, Felipe Arteaga, Martin Grzywa, Jake Starling, Jessi Juarez, Brendan Dally.

57’ – Blake Perry (DFC)

62’ –  Wynand Wessels (DFC)

75’ – Rory Carlson (DFC)

79’ – Tyler Limmer (SFFC)

85’ – Ethan Glissendorf (SFFC)

Duluth would play host again for the third game in a row to finally finish off the regular season against the Sioux Falls Thunder. Another glorious night for some soccer would turn into some glory for the boys as they took down the Sioux Falls Thunder 3-2. Just like every other loss, the Thunder have taken this season, this one was also by a single goal. This, however, would not have happened if it were not for a late game comeback that kept the game exciting when it started to lack some passion. The BlueGreens will now be locked in with their sights set on the playoffs and what team they will be squaring off against next. 

The match started out with some solid energy from both sides but at the same time, some enthusiasm and finesse were lacking. Despite that, they did put a tremendous amount of pressure on them defensively in the first half and basically all the way up to the last few minutes of the match. Most of their clears in the first half led to an interception or a quick pursuit and turnover by the Duluth defense. Many of these weren’t even close to the net instead, they got stopped just about ten yards past half field. It wasn’t just good defense by the defenders and midfielders but the forwards got in on some of the action as well. We saw a couple of times as players like Blake Perry Wynand Wessels were able to sneak their way into passing lanes or opposing player space to cause turnovers in their end of the field. Many of our chances were a result of these victories on the field but none of which led to any score being put on the board. Their keeper was really the only player on the Thunder keeping them in this game as a handful of tough saves prevented them from getting down early. 

The Second half started much like the first with shots flying from everywhere for Duluth yet still no luck burying the ball. Sam Thornton would have by far the most shots of the game and uncharacteristically sent them all high, wide, or right into the keepers mitts. This frustration for the Bluegreens would finally be broken by non-other but Blake Perry. A good-looking clear to Sam Thornton would spring open a sprinting Perry who received the pass from Thornton and rushed the net. The rush worked as he was gently able to chip the ball over the keeper into the netting for the first goal of the game. Then the boys started to feel the pressure taken off a little and started to play a bit more relaxed. The Blugreens were able two score the next two as well of a Wynand Wessels Penalty kick and then minutes after that by Rory Carlson. Carlson’s first shot was deflected but he stuck with it and was able to put up the crucial third goal for Duluth. 

With the game seemingly over and with Sioux Falls only being able to put a couple of shots on net all game, fans began to leave. This must of kickstarted the Thunder as they were able to come back and score two goals in the last 11 minutes of regulation play. The first came off an awkward deflection by the Duluth Defense that set up Tyler Limmer for an easy put back goal. The second was of a solid corner kick that ignited their offense into a couple of nifty passes and a goal by Ethan Glissendorf to make it 2-3. The last five minutes were halfway intense as the score narrowed but the BlueGreens picked it up. The Thunder were unable to get near the goal in the remaining minutes and thus the horn blew to confirm another BlueGreen win.

By: Ryan Tigner

Regular Season Comes to a Close Friday Night

Duluth FC vs. Sioux Falls Thunder FC

Public Schools Stadium | Duluth, MN

July 15th, 2022 | Game #14 Current 2022: Records (W-L-T):

Duluth: 6-0-1; 4-2-0 at home/on the road

Sioux Falls: 2-3-2; 1-2-3 at home/on the road

The BlueGreens are back at it again for their last regular season home game of the year and they will be facing off against a lackluster Sioux Falls squad. What another beautiful day for Duluth Soccer, It seems like we have been spoiled all summer anytime we play at the Public Schools Stadium, and it’s no different this time around. Let’s hope the result is also no different this time, as the boys were able to take down the thunder in a closer-than-expected 3-2 victory. Despite their record’s unfortunate appearance, the Thunder have played every squad they have faced down to the wire this year. The only losses ever recorded this season for the Thunder were by one goal. Accompany that with their five draws and that’s a recipe for a very frustrating season for any squad. 

You can expect nothing but the best effort put out on the field as Sioux Falls will play for pride as they have done for a large portion of the season. They will try to be more energetic than us out of the gate and it is important the fellas shut that down quick so that they can’t gain the momentum they require. On the other hand, Duluth is still in high hopes of possibly dethroning Med City after last week’s tough tie at home. The BlueGreens are still one measly point behind the Mayhem and this will be our last chance at first place. It is, however not all in the hands of our boys anymore and they will need big Med City by Med City in their last home game against Joy St. Louis Park in order to leap ahead in the rankings. 

Kick-off is expected at 7:00 pm, July 15th. The stream for the match will be available on This Link.

By: Ryan Tigner

Duluth Comes Up Short and Draw with Conference Leaders Med City

Duluth FC vs. Med City FC

Public Schools Stadium | Duluth, MN

June 29th, 2022 | Game #13 Current 2022: Records (W-L-T):

Duluth: 6-0-0; 4-2-0 at home/on the road

Med City: 5-1-1; 5-0-0 at home/on the road

Starting XI: Martin Gryzywa, Sam Thornton, Blake Perry, Keegan Chastey, Domaratskyy, Cian Gantley, Rory Carlson, Andres Solares, Jake Starling, Jessie Juarez, Brendan Dally. 


14’ Andres Garcia (MCFC)

59’ – Blake Perry (DFC)

The BlueGreens were happy to host the Mayhem of Med City for a rematch and a last-chance effort to move up in the standings. The fellas brought all the energy on a beautiful Duluth night, it began intensely and never let up through the entire duration of the match. Unfortunately, the BlueGreens were unable to finish the job to move ahead of Med-City tonight as the game ends in a 1-1 draw. There is still however a chance if Med-City loses next week with a BlueGreen victory, that they could still steal first place. However, it’s not as important as locking in the playoff spot which has been secured for a while now. 

The match started as expected with tons of energy spilling out of both squads, each knew what was on the line and what it would take to outmaneuver the other. You could tell that having fresh legs was crucial as plenty of substitutions were made throughout the match even starting to relieve players in the first half. Both squads were also playing very aggressively as whistles were called constantly, and cards were flying about as teams were ready to do anything to gain possession. Defenses were rock solid throughout the match so many of the penalties were a result of frustration built up by close chances and missed opportunities. 

Med City’s defense was like a machine mostly all game, making very few mistakes and communication was well-traveled between teammates. This made penetrating the zone a challenge and getting a good look improbable. This stout defense also helped generate some offense when Matthew Roberts of the Mayhem had a slick interception that turned into a nice pass to Andres Garcia. Their leading goal scorer would take the lob pass, drive past two Duluth defenders, and a low strike beats Dally to put Med City up 1-0. Garcia would also be a little shaken up on the play and had to leave the match entirely after the goal. 

Duluth would be able to ramp up their offense a bit getting some nice takeaways and breakaways. The breakaways were however diverted by multiple accounts of miscommunication and rough defense pressure by the Mayhem. In the second half of the match, we really started clicking offensively and it felt eerily similar to the last match. It just seemed that we would begin to get good looks on the net but the shot would either go a bit wide a bit high or the keep would make a fantastic save. This would only build on the frustration of the BlueGreens and we would start receiving our fair share of cards as well. We start to finally have a sense of urgency midway through the second half and we get our best look so far of the night when Gantley chips the ball over the head of the defender. It would heaf straight for Felipe Arteaga who heads it right off the crossbar and almost gets their first of the game. 

Not but a minute later, Starling and Arteaga got the offense going with a couple of nice moves and passes back and forth. Arteaga was able to leak the ball out to Blake Perry who makes a little move to the left of the defender and sends in a screeching shot to tie the game at 1-1 in the 59th-minute of the game. The rest of the match was played out with plenty of intensity and even two late chances spearheaded by the always energetic Perry. It would not be enough though and the game ends in a draw. This would keep Duluth still one point behind the Mayhem with one game left in the regular season. 

Duluth’s next match will be held back at home next Friday, July 15th against Sioux Falls FC at the Public Schools Stadium at 7 PM.

By: Ryan Tigner