Meet Our Sponsor – St. Luke’s

Duluth Football Club has been blessed, and will continue to be so, to have St. Luke’s Hospital as our title sponsor. As a major center within the Duluth community and source of care, Duluth FC immediately sited St. Luke’s as a partnership which would not only benefit both partners, but also allow us to further explore our desire to be a club about community, health, and caring for one another.

With that in mind, we took a moment to recap with St. Luke’s so that we could share that relationship with our supporters. We can’t wait to get moving with the 2018 NPSL Season, St. Luke’s name gladly worn upon our kits the along the way. Here is our interview:

DFC: What struck you about Duluth FC during meetings and talks that led you to take the next step and agree to this sponsorship?
SL: St. Luke’s was intrigued by the fact that the Duluth FC was an organization that was promoting health through athletics. Additionally, the Physicians and Athletic Trainers in the Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic have experience working with athletes throughout the spectrum of community based programs through the professional levels of athletics.

DFC: What aspects of Duluth FC, as a part of the Twin Ports community, do you feel partner well with St. Luke’s values and mission?
SL: Like the Duluth FC which has become the face of soccer in the northland, St. Luke’s through its mission of putting the patient above all else, aspires to be the Orthopedics & Sports Medicine partner of choice in the region.

DFC: What does it mean to St. Luke’s to be part of the face of a growing soccer club like Duluth FC?
SL: It’s truly a terrific opportunity for St. Luke’s Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to be a partner of the Duluth FC basically from its inception. It has become an enjoyable venture to witness their meteoric rise and how they are committed to building a winning team and valued member of the Duluth sports community.

DFC: Did you expect the club to be conference champions and to find itself on the national stage in the Open Cup so quickly?
SL: Absolutely, St. Luke’s was not surprised at the success of the Duluth FC after working so closely with the team’s players, coaches and the Administration. Their desire for success was evident from the very beginning and St. Luke’s is proud to play a role in their success.

We want to thank St. Luke’s Hospital once again for helping out with this piece and for their continued support of Duluth Football Club.

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