Ivan at the Showcase

This January, Ivan Adika became the first player to represent Duluth Football Club in the NPSL Player Showcase as part of the Midwest Team, which made it to the final against the West team. The showcase provided Ivan new learning experiences, learning to play with a whole new squad of players and coaching staff. With this in mind, it gave Ivan a chance to play alongside players from almost every club in the Northern Conference, players he usually saw as opponents and rivals. “It felt like I already knew them and it was a fun experience to actually play with them.”

Ivan had a great first season with Duluth in 2017, ending the year nominated as one of our Rookies of the Year. When asked about the upcoming season, he put it as well as I could ever hope to. “I feel really confident in the upcoming season, as a player I’m confident that I can provide the best qualities for Duluth… that comes from the help of my teammates, all quality players that helped me and pushed me to be the best that I can. That’s what teammates are there for, and I’m excited to get back on the field and help win a 2nd title.”

We want to congratulate Ivan one more time for his great accomplishments over the last year. He’s achieved so much with Duluth Football Club already and the upcoming season looks like it’ll be another big one for him.