Duluth’s Cup Run Ends in Blue and Green Clash

Duluth FC vs. Saint Louis FC
Public Schools Stadium | Duluth, MN
5.16.18 | USOC Round #2

Current 2018 League Records (W-L-D):
Duluth: 0-0-0; 0-0-1 at home/on the road
Saint Louis: 2-0-2; 1-2-3 at home/on the road

In their first meeting with Duluth FC, Saint Louis managed to put themselves through to a USOC 3rd Round match at Louisville City FC. Both away goals from the 0-2 win were clever and well executed as you’d expected the BlueGreen’s first ever pro-opposition to do and at the final whistle the result felt to be a fair and earned one. Yet as Duluth FC marched off the pitch and the fans, of which we were glad to see many, proceeded to head home, there was a feeling in the air that the club had managed to prove something Wednesday night.

Whether it be the great stops by keeper Jan Hoffelner, making his USOC debut, or the chances created by the likes of Kyle Farrar, Liam Moore, or Garga Nyuah, there were signs everywhere that the result was a hard fought one. With subs in tow, Duluth pushed hard in the final 20 minutes of the match, coming close multiple times to closing in on Saint Louis’ lead. In the end, however, the boys from Missouri ran a tight shift and were able to keep their clean sheet.

With multiple USOC debuts and a roster full of players packed between games no more than three days apart, Duluth’s roster showed its grit, while Saint Louis showed that they too have the depth and tactics to play two competitions this year as they chase their first year in the USL Playoffs. Duluth’s line up was largely similar to that of the last two games, while Saint Louis starting XI featured six players from their last USL match against Orange County. Duluth will join the list of NPSL and PDL clubs who lost to the USL clubs introduced into the USOC in the second round, though the likes of Ocean City Nor’easters, FC Wichita, North Texas Rayados, and Mississippi Brilla will be representing lower league soccer in the third round.

To the crowd that piled into Public Schools Stadium to watch their local club, to the very hospitable Saint Louis supporters that made their way to Duluth to cheer on their club, and to the many players and staff on both sides who made last night possible, we thank you. Duluth FC might not have won the game held on May 16th, 2018, but we like to think that it’ll be remembered as a day where big things began to set into motion and where our players showed we could keep things close with professionals.

Duluth FC has had the honor of being the first Minnesotan Amateur club to play, and win, in first round of the U.S. Open Cup and now the first to play in the second. As a club and a community we hope to achieve even more next year, until then, the fight continues in the NPSL North Conference. Thank you again for the amazing support, Duluth FC goes onward to La Crosse this Saturday as we aim to continue our fight for conference title.

Duluth FC Starting XI: Kyle Farrar (C), Julian Villegas, Vladik Margolin, Dana Kowachek, Sean Morgan, Santiago Castro, Joe Watt, Ryan Tyrer, Jan Hoffelner, Liam Moore, Cori Hill
Subs: Brooks Rice for Julian, Arad Ari for Sean, Garga Nyuah for Farrar

Opposition Starting XI: Jack Fenlason, Jake Maher, Sam Fink, Sean Reynolds, Austin Ledbetter, Kadeem Dacres, Aedan Stanley, Joey Calistri, Lewis Hilton, Corey Hertzog, Albert Dikwa
Subs: Phanuel Kavita for Reynolds, Kyle Greig for Albert Dikwa

‘25 – Kadeem Dacres (STL)
’35 – Corey Hertzog (STL)

’73 – Santiago Castro (Yellow)

Match Replay