Duluth Signs Three; Including CSS Standout and NCAA Division 3 All-American Kyle Farrar

D.F.C announced its first three signings of the 2017 campaign.

Yesterday, at a press conference held at Saint Luke’s Hospital, official Duluth F.C sponsors, the first signings for the 2017 NPSL Northern Campaign were unveiled by General Manager Tim Sas, Operation Manager Mike Sengbush and Head Coach Kyle Bakas.

The honor of first signing in the history of Duluth F.C. rightly belongs to last years captain Kyle Farrar. Farrar is a landmark signing, as the former Saints player provides leadership, decisive ability on the ball and was the Bluegreen’s leading goal scorer from its inaugural season.

Coach Kyle Bakas noted, “The signing of Kyle Farrar is a huge step for this club as he could have played elsewhere. His leadership, ability and poise will be the foundation of our team’s presentation of the game of soccer as a winning spectacle here in Duluth”.

Farrar in his first season with Duluth F.C. was exemplary, notching 9 goals and 6 assists in 8 games.

With its second signing, Duluth F.C. added midfielder Joe Watt, a CSS graduate and NCAA division 3 record holder. The versatile midfielder chipped in with 3 goals, and 4 assists in 5 games last year.

Watt’s passion for the game and experience provide D.F.C. with energy in defense and creativity in the attack. General Manager Tim Sas has expressed his excitement at seeing Watt and Farrar pair up in the attack yet again.

With Duluth’s third signing, they added Mualigbe Keita, the fiery defender from UWS. Mualigbe started the majority of games in the APL campaign, and is a teammates dream as his hard work and effort in the center of the park results in multiple goal scoring opportunities for others.

Head Coach Kyle Bakas is “thrilled” to have the Mualigbe back in uniform and is counting on him to have a season for the record books.

Welcome back to all three players, and we look forward to more signings in the coming days.