Duluth FC Embarks on New Chapter

Duluth Football Club is overjoyed to officially announce that John Shuster and Alex Giuliani have become the club’s two co-owners as of 2023.

As some readers will know, our founder and previous owner, Father Timothy Sas, has moved on to a wonderful next step in his life as a priest. This has made it important for the club to find new owners to continue the project of playing the beautiful game in the beautiful city. We could not have found better partners.

John Shuster is a mainstay in the northland sports scene. Originally from Chisholm, Shuster now lives in Superior, WI and is an unmistakable part of the Duluth curling scene. He’s also an Olympian, and a gold medalist at that. No big deal. He’s represented the United States at five Olympic tournaments, as well as nine World Curling Championships. Perhaps most importantly, John has long been a friend of the club and a supporter of our work.

Alex Giuliani is one of the founders of the Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club, an undeniably important part of the northland soccer community since their founding in 1991. Along with a passion for the game, Alex brings priceless experience in business development across the Twin Ports. Like John, Alex has the perfect pairing of knowing how to grow Duluth FC, while understanding plenty what it means to be part of Duluth.

Not everything is changing, don’t worry. The club is not rebranding, we are still Duluth FC and we are still the BlueGreens. The club still plans to play at Public Schools Stadium, our long-time home. Charlie Forsyth will continue to serve as our general manager and Sean Morgan will remain our head coach for 2023. Forsyth and Morgan, along with other people staying in and around the club, will ensure that the principles of the club remain in place.

Duluth FC will continue its missions to help grow the game in the Twin Ports, providing opportunities for players from the area, or who have moved to the area, to grow. We will also continue to seek out great athletes from around the country and world. Duluth FC has always strived to represent Duluth, but also the immigrant story, something tied to our founders, many of our staff over the years, and many of our players and coaches.

We hope you’re as excited for John Shuster and Alex Giuliani as we are. We know that they will help this club continue to grow, on and off the pitch.

Duluth FC would like to thank you all for continuing this journey with us, thank John and Alex for their belief in us, and of course, thank Tim Sas. See you at the game.