Duluth Earn First Three Points with Away Day Charm

La Crosse Aris FC vs. Duluth FC
Viterbo Sports Complex | La Crosse, WI
5.19.18 | Game #2

Current 2018 Records (W-L-T):
Duluth: 0-0-0; 1-0-1 at home/on the road
La Crosse: 0-1-0; 0-2-0 at home/on the road

​As the opening stretch of away games for Duluth’s 2018 NPSL season reach their mid point, Med City on the 23rd being the end of a stretch of only-away league matches, the BlueGreens managed to put together a performance stacked with goals, new faces, and the idea that they are in every way ready to race for the title. La Crosse Aris’ season had started off rough as it often has and Duluth added on to those struggles with a 1-7 win at La Crosse, the biggest loss/victory the two clubs have experienced this season.

​As the BlueGreens marched out with a squad not featuring the likes of Farrar or Morgan, giving first a first start to Arad Ari and a debut to Sora Wakabayashi, they looked to have removed some of the cutting edge that would normally give them the goals. That edge was instead found in the likes of Dana Kowachek, Liam Moore, Mally Lumsden, and perhaps most surprisingly, center back pairing Cori Hill and Ryan Tyrer.

​Tyrer grabbed his first goal in the 8th minute with a well placed header off of a corner, while Dana took a touch on a long pass from Liam Moore and sent the ball sailing over the keeper and into the back of the net. The two goals contrasted a series of missed chances for the BlueGreens in a half of mixed possession between the two sides. Duluth certainly looked to have the game at the half, but also looked to still be finding their place in the match.

​The second half began with a bang as Dana earned his brace when Ivan Adika’s thunderbolt of a strike rebounded off the post in the 51st minute. La Crosse grabbed their one goal of the game, something they’ve managed in every league game this year, in the 53rd, only to have their comeback cutoff when Joe Watt shot in a well crossed ball from the edge of the six yard box. With subs rotating in to keep the squad fresh and healthy, Ryan Tyrer tapped in a low cross for his brace and second goal for Duluth FC. Duluth’s efforts would continue to find obstacles however, as Dana was denied his first hat trick when both the keeper and the crossbar helped to deny his penalty in the 60th minute. Cori Hill, Tyrer’s center back partner, scored his first goal for the club only 6 minutes later with a powerful header off of a Kowachek corner kick. Mally Lumsden would also grab his first of the season in the 78th minute with a calm and collected chip from inside the box.

​The match would also feature league debuts for subs Aidan Hill, Soham Kathuria, and Alberto Ciroi who played the second half in place of Jan Hoffelner for rotation purposes. The BlueGreens earned their three points, rotated key players, gave new names a chance to begin their progression within the squad, and now look to take on Med City this Wednesday in hopes of continuing their run toward the title.

Lineups –
Duluth FC Starting XI: Tom Corcoran (C), Cori Hill, Ivan Adika, Nico Railef, Dana Kowachek, Sora Wakabayashi, Arad Lev Ari, Joe Watt, Ryan Tyrer, Jan Hoffelner, Liam Moore
Subs: Alberto Ciroi for Jan Hoffelner, Mally Lumsden for Liam Moore, Vladik Margolin for Tom Corcoran, Aidan Hill for Nico, Gunner O’Neill for Sora, Soham Kathuria for Arad, Garga Nyuah for Joe Watt

La Crosse Starting XI: Alberto Centeno, John Curran, Joshua Donker, Evan Espelien, Teo Jube, Ivan Khamenka, Adhemar Lino Cortez, Bruno Marone, Ryan Maxwell, Tim Maynard, Hugh Parslow
Subs: Matthew Espelien for Curran, Christian Fernandez for Marone, Addison Freybler for Espelien, Christian Milner for Jube

‘8 – Ryan Tyrer (DFC)
‘25 – Dana Kowachek (DFC)
‘51 – Dana Kowachek (DFC)
‘53 – Adhemar Lino Cortez (LCA)
‘57 – Joe Watt (DFC)
‘59 – Ryan Tyrer (DFC)
‘65 – Cori Hill (DFC)
’78 – Mally Lumsden (DFC)