Disciples Announcement

Duluth Football Club is excited to announce we’re bringing back our membership program, better than ever! For $75 USD, you can become a member of the DISCIPLES, and represent our “12th player” as a supporter. The benefits of the membership include one season ticket, a home jersey bearing the the number twelve, along with the ability to vote on key topics and discounts on a variety of purchases. You will also receive weekly email updates throughout the season, get admission into the stadium up to an hour before matches, and have your name on the DISCIPLES page on our website.

A football squad requires 11 on the pitch, but we all know the 12th player, the supporters, can prove to be the most important. By committing to be one of our loyal supporters, you’re not just helping the club financially, you’re also adding your voice to key issues in the club and helping us in our journey to be about both community and the beautiful game.

The name is one that connects to the club in a few ways. It touches on the ways that football becomes a religious experience for its followers. It’s a reminder of our club’s roots and founder Tim Sas. Finally, we feel that every time the being the starting 11 and the crowd cheering them on, they go on a journey full of learning experiences, community building, and passion. This makes us a group connected by our love and belief for this club, the DISCIPLES.

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us develop the game we all love in the Northland. Whether or not you join the DISCIPLES, you are the core of this club and the reason we march on to the pitch every game.

12 benefits for DISCIPLES:

  1. 1 Season Ticket package including friendlies and playoffs.
  2. 1 home kit jersey bearing the #12 to show off your love for Duluth FC!
  3. 1 vote on the design of the stadium scarf for the season.
  4. 1 vote on the design of each of the 2 kits for the season.
  5. 1 vote on other club culture and image matters, at the invitation of club management.
  6. Discount on purchase of season tickets package – 20% , maximum 2 season tickets per year.
  7. Discount on purchase of individual match tickets – 20% , maximum 5 tickets per match.
  8. Discount for club merchandise – 10% discount on all club merchandise.
  9. Discounts at various local businesses supporting our “I Am # 12” club members.
  10. Early admission into the stadium – 1 hour before match start time.
  11. Weekly email (during the season) update from the club management.
  12. Your name listed on the DISCIPLES page of the website.

PS: If you have already purchased season tickets for 2018, keep in touch with us, we will provide you an option to upgrade if you so choose to do so!