Bluegreens Slay Dragons and Continue Title Fight

Duluth FC vs. Minnesota TwinStars FC

Spring Lake Park Panther Stadium | Spring Lake Park, MN

June 22nd, 2022 | Game #9 Current 2022: Records (W-L-T):

Duluth:5-0-0; 3-1-0 at home/on the road

Minnesota:2-2-1; 2-3-0 at home/on the road

Starting XI: Martin Grzrywa, Paul Bobai, Peter Oyetunji, Blake Perry, Keegan Chastey, Felipe Arteaga, Carlson, Andres Solares, Santiago Erazo, Jake Starling, Brendan Dally. 

28’ – Blake Perry (DFC)

41’ – Felipe Arteaga (DFC)

49’ – Santiago Erazo (DFC)

61’ – Blake Perry (DFC)

87’ – Kostyantyn Domaratskyy (DFC)

90’ – Martin Grzywa (DFC)

Your Bluegreens took a road trip this Wednesday for a rematch against the Minnesota TwinStars who were looking for some payback from their last lopsided loss against them. However, that did not go as planned as Duluth started out strong and took over in the second half, winning the match 6-0. This is the 3rd time the BlueGreens have won a match by 5 more goals this season and their 2nd against the TwinStars. 

The fellas brought their A-game today as they started the match playing fast a physical. This physicality led to bountiful early takeaways and our midfielders playing through contact with the ball and creating both the time and space for an open pass. Many of these passes led to a couple of solid opportunities for the BlueGreens. However, they did have a bit of trouble finishing at the net with some shots sailing wide or high. Our defense was once again spectacular keeping the ball just out of reach of our zone. The TwinStars had alot of chances to penetrate the zone. On the contrary, our physicality and speed to the ball was unmatched and Minnesota never really got their offense settled in. 

The BlueGreens on the other hand had their offense still settling in nicely. They also resulted in a couple of corner-kicks. One of which was sent flying into a mess of players and drilled a Twinstar defender in the head. The rebound, as it seems we get so often throughout this season landed in front of Peter Oyetunji, who was able to skip it on over to a cutting Blake Perry. Blake Perry lunges a low kick that evades the keeper and puts them up 1-0. The game started to get a little more physical on both teams as fouls were starting to get called left and right. 

This wouldn’t stop the BlueGreens more good offensive possession leads to yet another corner kick which went right on top of the pile of people. A flurry of headers ended up putting in the headspace of Felipe Arteaga who heads it home for the second goal of the match. 

The Second half would liven up a little faster than the first. Duluth looked like they were on a mission to score absolutely as many as they could get. Around the 49th-minute mark, the Stars had some bad communication on defense which resulted in a steal by Felipe Arteaga in their zone and all they could do was try and slide tackle it away. Their slide tackle attempt would however lead to a free-kick for the BlueGreens. The kick was taken by Santiago Erazo who drills it right off the post and back to himself. Not the way he planned it out, but the ball bounces right back to him for the easy put-away goal and the 4th of the game for Duluth. 

That goal really put the Stars in a tough position and they were not playing more aggressively than they had all game in a desperate attempt to get back in it late. This last-minute attempt did not help them out in the slightest. In fact, it opened up more opportunities for the BlueGreens to show off some fancy footwork and passing. Both of these things would help Duluth Score their last two goals of the game. Kostyantyn Domaratskyy was able to get a quick steal, put on a quick move and bury the ball for the 5th of the game. Only three minutes later, our still aggressive defense generated a corner kick that turned into a few quick passes, and the ball ended up in the lap of Martin Grzywa. Who then sent it in right to the back of the net for the 6th and final goal of the game in the last minute of the game as well to cap off the huge win. 

Duluth’s next match will be held back at home this Saturday, June 25th against Med City FC at the Rochester Community and Technical College at 7 PM.

By: Ryan Tigner