BlueGreens Face MNUFC2 in a Historic Friendly Full of Goals

Minnesota United 2 vs. Duluth FC | Friendly | June 15th
National Sports Center, Blane, MN
MNUFC 2’s 2022 MLS Next Pro record as of June 15th: 5-3-3 WDL
Duluth FC’s 2022 NPSL record as June 15th: 6-0-1 (WDL)

Duluth’s Starting XI’s:

Brendan Dally, Jessie Juarez, Jake Starling, Santiago Erazo, Andres Solares, Felipe Arteaga,
Cian Gantley, Blake Perry, Paul Bobai, Peter Oyetunji, Kostyantyn Domaratskyy

Duluth Players Substituted In:

Michael Garrihy, Aaron Pike, Wynand Wessels, Keegan Chastey, Felipe Oliveira, Martin
Grzywa, Diego Valle, D’Andre Williams, Harry Ambler, Jakob Kidd

Final Scoreline: 6-2 to MNUFC2

Duluth Goals: Peter Oyetunji (1st half, Freekick), Wynand Wessels (2nd Half, Headed in off of a
corner kick)

Duluth FC took part in a historic friendly against Minnesota United FC 2 of MLS Next Pro, a new
professional third division league, this week, marking the BlueGreens first ever match against a
part of the Minnesota United organization.

Hosted at the National Sports Center in Blaine, the match provided DFC Head Coach Sean
Morgan with the chance to pit his high performing NPSL squad against a MNUFC2 side that has
featured MLS veterans, top young professional talents, and the best of Minnesota United’s
academy. MNUFC2 is the first professional outfit Duluth FC has faced since playing Saint Louis
FC in the 2018 edition of the US Open Cup.

Head Coach Morgan elected for a strong starting eleven, with a mixture of players who’ve
featured in all of Duluth’s games this season and those still working their way into the 18 getting
a chance to shine.

Across the pitch was a strong MNUFC2 side as well, with the hosts electing to start quite a few
familiar faces to the Loons faithful, including the likes of Justin McMaster, Nabi Kibunguchy, both
with first team, and former Joy Athletic forward Emanuel Iwe.

The match would start with good energy from both sides, the BlueGreens and Loons both
looking prepared to make the day an eventful one. It would be MNUFC2 hat grabbed the first
goal around the 15th minute mark, not long before a storm delay in the 18th minute postponed
the match for some time.

Action would continue after the restart with MNUFC2’s Justin McMaster grabbing a second goal
around the 25 minute mark. Duluth wouldn’t give up though, with Blake Perry winning a free kick
on the edge of the box, which Peter Oyetunji would curl into the far right corner to make it 2-1.
The goal woke up MNUFC2, who then grabbed two more goals before halftime to make it 4-1.

Despite the harsh scoreline, Duluth FC showed quality in the first half, of course during their
goal, but also while working on and off the ball across the pitch. Fullbacks Jessie Juarez and
Cian Gantley had their hands full on the day but showed their ability, while the likes of Blake
Perry, Paul Bobai, Peter Oyetunji, and Kostyantyn Domaratskyy all managed to put the backline
and keeper under serious pressure. Goalkeeper Brendan Dally managed his position well, but
was faced with an incredibly clinical MNUFC2 frontline, which simply did not provide any room
for error.

Duluth would be the only side to make large scale changes at half time, bringing on Michael
Garrihy, Aaron Pike, Wynand Wessels, Keegan Chastey, Felipe Oliveira, and Martin Grzywa.
Minnesota United would decide to keep their starting eleven on the pitch for a longer period of

With the half scoreless after roughly an hour Minnesota United would take their turn to make a
series of changes switching out about half of their eleven on the pitch. Shortly after the Loons
would find the first goal of the second half to make it 1-0 in the second half and 5-1 overall.
Duluth would continue to rotate players out and eventually find their second goal of the day as
Felipe Oliveira served in a corner kick which was then headed in by Wynand Wessels.

Minnesota United would find another goal towards the end of the match to wrap it up at 6-2.
While MNUFC2 certainly showed their quality across the pitch in their friendly win over Duluth
FC, the BlueGreens did well to put pride on the club’s name, scoring twice in addition to several
near misses, including via a one-on-one between Aaron Pike and the MNUFC2 keeper. Duluth
will also feel the consolation of knowing they created against and put pressure on a high
performing Loons side that’s been amongst MLS Next Pro’s best.

It was perfectly clear why the young Loons are doing as well as they are in league play, but a
closer examination did the same for the visiting BlueGreens, who are well within arms reach of a
conference title this season. The BlueGreens will next play back in the NPSL on June 18th,
hosting the Dakota Fusion at Public Schools Stadium.

Duluth FC would like to thank MNUFC2 once again for this opportunity, an exciting expression
of the soccer community that has and continues to develop in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.