Bluegreen’s Bounce Back in a Big Way

Duluth FC vs. Joy Athletic

Denfeld Public Schools Stadium | Duluth, MN

June 8th, 2022 | Game #6 Current 2022: Records (W-L-T):

Duluth:4-0-0; 1-1-0 at home/on the road

Joy Athletic:  1-2-0; 1-4-0 at home/on the road

Starting X1: Jake Starling, Martin Grzwya, Michael Garrihy, Jessie Juarez, Rory Carlson, Keegan Chastey, Blake Perry, D’Andre Williams, Paul Bobai, Samuel Thornton, Wynand Wessels.

Joy Atletic came into town today for a rematch against your Duluth BlueGreens. They must have had a fire in their belly still from Saturday night as they came in tonight riled up and ready to battle. Although Joy Athletic played a fairly rough and aggressive game the whole match the boys were able to brush that nonsense off and win the match 3-0. The stadium was packed tonight as kids played on the inflatable field and folks got to enjoy some of the most beautiful weather we’ve had in a while. 

The game started out fast-paced and players on both sides were very assertive as both are coming off losses and who could really use some more momentum mid-season. You could tell early on in the game with just some of the passing that our chemistry was building. Something small but was missed last game, the guys are really starting to trust and figure out each other as the season progresses. Both sides had some really nice chances early on in the game including some one-on-one chances but Michael Garrihy was there to make some fantastic saves. Whether it was sliding for a stop or diving for a save Garrihy was definitely getting a nice workout in tonight.   

The Defense was also solid as usual tonight as Rory Carlson and Jake Starling showed off their great track down speed and fancy footwork which led to some incredible clears. The Billy Goats had some nice chances at the net throughout the game no doubt. However, our defense made sure to limit that and push the ball up as we were dominating in time on attack. 

The game was lacking any scoring until the 43rd-minute mark. Blake Perry who was being shadowed pretty much all game was able to penetrate the zone and juke through three defenders. He then shot it off the leg of a defender and the ball lands right in the lap of Keegan Chastey who nets his first goal of the season. 

Free kicks and yellow cards were also in abundance tonight as Joy Athletic was not going to let us have this one without a fight. Blake Perry in particular was on the receiving end of alot of that, however, it led to chances. In the 56th minute of the game, Perry was tackled from behind for a yellow card and a penalty kick. The kick was taken by Samuel Thornton who snipes the bottom left corner for the second of the game. To top that off, not but two minutes later, Blake was at it again as he wiggles past a defender and chips to Keegan Chastey. Chastey was given another gift and makes it count as he gets his second goal of the game and season making it 3-0. Keegan Chastey actually went to Denfeild Highscool so it’s no wonder he use to score on his old stomping grounds. 

As the game went on the Billygoats got more restless and frustrated in their efforts to control the ball. They also grew more and more tired, as chasing our guys around all day could not have been fun. The defense played great near the end of the match and we had a couple of cheeky chances but nothing came of it. When the dust settled the BlueGreesns stood victorious and completed the season sweep of Joy Athletic. 

Duluth’s next match will be away this Saturday, June 11th against The Sioux Falls Thunder at O’Gorman High School – McEneaney Field.