Harry Papaioannou

Referee Liaison

Having lived a life dedicated to the beautiful game, Haralampos “Harry” Papaioannou serves Duluth FC as Referee Liaison. Born in Athens, Greece, Harry has played at the semi-professional/amateur level in both Greece and the United States. Harry also played for the Ramstein and Hellenikon Air Base Soccer Teams while serving in the US Air Force. Harry officiated at the professional level in the Greek Football League for almost a decade, giving him an excellent source of experience in the field.

As our Referee Liaison, Harry is key to the constant communication of terms and needs between the club and the referees working with NPSL. This includes checking credentials, ensuring accommodations and comfort for referees, and appealing any cards deemed inaccurate by the club. Harry is the pivot point between clubs, players, and referees and key in preventing misunderstandings or issues.

A life long fan of Panathinaikos, one of Greece’ most historic football clubs, Harry watched his club reach the final of the European Cup, now known as the UEFA Champions League, in 1971. The Greek National Team’s victory at the 2004 Euros final against Portugal would also prove to be a powerful moment for supporters like Harry. Harry also supports FC Zenit and Manchester United.