1 Tom Greensall

Tom Greensall
eng England
August 24, 2017

About Tom

Coming from Balsall Common, a village in the West Midlands of England, Tom has found a new home in Duluth. Starring between the posts, he loves the feeling after a great save. He says he can’t help but crave, “looking at the strikers face and seeing the disbelief in their eyes!” Greensall found himself wanting to be a keeper after watching a man he looked up to in his neighborhood play, following in his steps once he got the chance.

Greensall is a long time Manchester United supporter. The first match he ever attended was a Champions League match between the Red Devils and Spanish club Valencia. While the game ended in a 1-1 draw, it was still a powerful experience as a fan.

Tom credits community with much of his growth as a player. Both his coaches and family had major impacts on his development both off and on the pitch, while playing in the yard with friends is his oldest football memory. His hero without a doubt is Manchester United legend and Danish international goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, often called “The Great Dane”.

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