Siji Gonzalez

Siji Gonzalez
usa United States
May 10, 2018

Bringing local talent onto the pitch, Siji Gonzalez is a Hermantown-born winger looking to play at a close to home while still expanding horizons. He loves his position because it gives him opportunities to make runs behind the defense and provide crosses, while also giving him the chance to score now and then. He realized at a young age that his speed and vision were such that he would be a natural in the position.

Siji’s first live game was a matchup between the Mexican and Chilean national teams at Soldier Field in Chicago, Mexico came out on top that day. Siji is a passionate supporter of Mexican club Chivas, a Guadalajaran club that is intensely popular in both Mexico and the United States. Siji idolized Rafa Marquez growing up. The Mexican international played for a variety of clubs, including Atlas, Monaco, León, Hellas Verona, Barcelona, and New York Red Bulls.

Siji’s father, Victor, was the one who helped him develop to love the game as a player and a fan. Siji has always been inspired by his determination and discipline and is always searching for ways to apply those principles to his life and play.

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