11 Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan
nir Northern Ireland
August 24, 2017

About Sean

Having spent so many years playing midfield he can’t quite remember how he got there, Sean Morgan provides with an endless eagerness to get involved in both the offensive and defensive sides of the game.

Born in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast, Sean’s life has always been surrounded by football. His father has always played a role in his footballing life, pushing him from a young age to do his best. His first football memory, a brilliant moment from the age of 5,was seeing his dad score from the halfway line.

Sean’s first live football match was a unique matchup between Leeds United and Italian side Lazio, a pre-season friendly played in Dublin in 1998. Sean’s footballing hero is Roy Keane, who stands as one of the most successful Irish footballers in history having won 19 trophies, most of which came while at Manchester United.

Sean is an avid fan of the club where Roy Keane spent the end of his playing career, Celtic FC. The Glasgow-based club is considered not only one of the most successful Scottish football clubs, but also one of the most globally recognized and respected in Scottish football history.

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