17 Santiago Garcia Castro

Santiago Garcia Castro
col Colombia
May 10, 2018

Fitting in as a center mid, Santi loves being the “motor of the team”, working as a conduit between the defense and offense. He began as an attacking midfielder but found he enjoyed the defensive work of a midfielder and wanted to find a role that included both.

When asked about his first football memory, Santi put it more boldly than just about any other play at Duluth Football Club, “Getting hit with the ball in the face when I was only 3 years old.”

His father played a major rule in his life and he considers him a key influence in his passion for the game as he also played and passionately followed the sport. While he doesn’t have a idol per say, he does consider Sergio Busquets to be one of his favorite players playing right now. Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Santi is a diehard supporter of Independiente Medellin, a top club in the Colombian First Division with a powerful combination of both history and success.

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