Robbie Sobczak

Robbie Sobczak
usa United States
April 6, 2018

About Robbie

Coming in from Cloquet, Minnesota, Robbie Sobczak loves operating in the central lanes of the pitch. This has led him to play a few different positions, primarily center back and center mid. Above all Robbie enjoys distributing the ball and the ability central players have to command the flow of play.

Sobczak’s love of the role of playmaker is apparent in his football memory. “I remember assisting a friend of mine’s first and only goal ever and seeing how excited he was. It was fantastic.” His mom also played a big role in his early involvement with the game, introducing it to him at a young age, at which point he instantly fell in love.

Robbie idolized Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard from a young age for his role as a midfielder, finding the aspects he loved about the game common in his play. However, he stands firm as an Everton supporter who’d rather see the Toffees win the day than Gerrard have a good result.

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