7 Mally Lumsden

Mally Lumsden
jam Jamaica
August 24, 2017

About Mally

His first memory may be scoring the winning penalty for his prep school back in Kingston, Jamaica, but Mally Lumsden feels right at home in the Duluth FC attacking line. While the center forward position is new to Mally, he’s always enjoyed scoring goals and appreciates the chances the positions gives him to do so.

Lumsden is quick to name his parents as the main reason he’s gotten this far. “My mother helped pave the way for me to play football. She would take me to all my games, made sure i was always at training and of course is my number one supporter… [My dad] kept me motivated through the rough times and help me to celebrate the glory times. So I thank him for constantly keeping me going.”

Mally is an avid supporter of Real Madrid and Manchester United and his football heroes include their star forwards, Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku. He also looks up to quick attackers like Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and Leon Bailey of Bayer Leverkusen. Both have helped him better understand how to manage his own speed when playing in an attacking role.

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