Leonardo Almeida

Leonardo Almeida
bra Brazil

If you’re looking for a fast-paced forward from Braganca Paulista, Brazil, Duluth Football Club might be the place to look.Leo loves playing as a forward because, to put it simply, the man loves to score goals. As he grew older and learned to use his speed and pace, he found that being on the front line of a squad was the best place for him.

Born and raised a fan of his local club, Clube Atlético Bragantino, Leo has played football in his home city since day one. He can recall winning local championships as a kid, often while playing with his cousin. His family was always a big part of his journey, with both his mother and father guiding him through his development as a man and a player.

A game that stands out in Leo’s memory is when he watched Bragantino face off against São Paulo, the most successful Brazilian club in history when it comes to international titles. Bragança is a city within the greater municipality of São Paulo and seeing his local club, who in their long history have had both highs and lows, face off against the region’s titans was a historic site.

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