16 Julian Mauricio Lucumi Villegas

Julian Mauricio Lucumi Villegas
col Colombia
April 5, 2018

About Julian

Hailing from Cali, Colombia, Julian is a talented left back who loves to get time on the ball and create attacking situations. He originally played as a center back, but soon after arriving in the United States, his coaches began to suggest a shift to the side. This shift would both improve Julian’s game and also give him more of what he likes, chances to work the ball and move up.

Julian’s first football memory is as classic as it gets, watching his favorite club, Deportivo Cali at home. Deportivo Cali was also Julian’s home club, nearby to the city of Cali where he was raised. Julian’s dad was also key to his development, introducing him to the game and clubs in Colombia.

His idol is Real Madrid and Brazilian star Marcelo, one the most respected and highly rated fullbacks in the game for over a decade. As a fellow left back, Julian saw Marcelo play the game and position in ways he’d never imagined and knew he could learn quite a bit from watching him.

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