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About Joe

Born in Lerwick, Scotland, Joe would end up spending most of his life in London, England. He’s been involved in the game from a young age, with his first football memory going back to kicking the ball around with his dad back in Scotland. His first game was a London derby between Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur.

Joe’s favorite part of being in the midfield is getting on the ball and creating situations on the attack. He also has a completely non-sarcastic love for passing to Forward Kyle Farrar, which he describes as being, “everyone’s real job in the team.”

Joe’s father played a major role in his early development as a player, helping him pave a path to improve as a player and a person. His idols include Brazilian legend Ronaldinho and player-turned-actor Vinne Jones, who played for numerous clubs including the original Wimbledon FC, Chelsea, Leeds United, and QPR. Joe is a Newcastle United supporter, a position which he admits comes with ups and downs, but like all true supporters he’s stuck around through thick and thin.

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