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Ivan Adika
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About Ivan

With a love for bombing up and down the pitch, Ivan Adika is an outside back who lives to take part in both the attack and defense. Born in Ghana, Ivan now resides in Minnesota, splitting his time between Albertville and Duluth. He originally played as a right midfielder, only becoming accustomed to his current position during college after a coach decided he’d be better suited there. Who knew just how right that coach would turn out to be?

Ivan’s father provided constant guidance as he grew up, and was always there to help lead him down the road of football. Having been a massive fan of the sport himself, Ivan’s father raised his son to be passionate for Ghana’s number one sport.

One of Ivan’s favorite players is Cristiano Ronaldo, who he first followed during CR7’s days in Manchester. He idolizes Cristiano’s hard work ethic, constant desire to achieve more, and overall skill. Ivan is diehard supporter of Manchester United, and watching the club throughout his life has provided him endless powerful lessons on how to play the game and contribute to his teammates.

Ivan’s Highlights

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