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Garga Nyuah
lbr Liberia

About Garga

Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Garga Nyuah has called Minnesota home for much of his life. A dynamic player who can play anything from a striker to an outside back, Garga’s loves to create and execute plays across the pitch, controlling the flow of the game. Above all Garga wants to be involved in the beautiful game and contribute to his club.

Nyuah’s family has always played a role in his life on and off the pitch. Above allthey taught him how to keep his head up and pursue his ambitions. He’s also always idolized Liberian Football legend George Weah, best known for his times at Monaco, PSG, and AC Milan.

Widely considered one of the greatest African footballers to ever live, Weah has also been a massive figure in Liberia both on and off the pitch, and was elected president in 2017. Nyuah, who played for the TwinStars at the time, had the honor of taking part in a scrimmage game which involved George Weah and fellow Liberian international Forkey Doe.

While Chelsea holds a place in Garga’s heart, he values a good game above all, and will support any club who pursues the uphold the qualities of the game.

Garga’s Highlights

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