33 Dana Kowachek

Dana Kowachek
usa United States

Based in Missoula, Montana, Dana is a talented outside mid who loves his position for the freedom it gives him to express himself as a player. He played in a more central midfield role growing up, but Ross McMoneys, his youth coach, tried him on the wing and a great partnership between player and position was formed. He feels fit for the role because of his speed and ability to get past defenders.

Dana’s first football memory is playing the backyard with his brother, using pine trees as goal posts. His first live match was an exhibition game between the Seattle Sounders of the MLS and Premier League club Chelsea. Dana is a supporter of both Chelsea and FC Barcelona.

Of all the players he could idolize, Dana puts Barcelona’s Lionel Messi at the forefront. He puts his admiration into words when he says, “Watching Messi play growing up was a privilege”. Inspired by the greats of his era, Dana looks to bring his own skills to the pitch, bringing with him the years of two kids playing ball with trees.

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