19 Cesar Herrera

Cesar Herrera
usa United States
August 24, 2017

About Cesar

Always looking for a play to make, Cesar Herrera is a dedicated member of Duluth FC’s midfield. Herrera’s played in the midfield for much of his life, having been inspired to take up the position after watching one of his youth coaches play there.

Cesar can remember playing the beautiful game all the way back to the age of 8, when he played Saturday league games. One of his first in-person games was a match between Mexico and Paraguay in Chicago.

Cesar’s parents and sister both played a role in developing him as a player and person. His parents were a constant presence at those Saturday games and always made sure to give him chances to learn and grow. He has also looked up to skilled midfielders like Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcântara, Mexican international Andres Guardado, and Lionel Messi. Herrera is a supporter of FC Barcelona, Juventus, and the black and blue of Minnesota United.

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