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Brooks Rice
usa United States

Brooks “Boo” Rice is a young forward from Birmingham, Alabama, looking to leave a mark on the north. As you’d hope a forward would say, his favorite part of playing upfront is scoring goals and taking on defenders. Raised in an era of great attacking talents like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar, Brooks has always looked to them for inspiration when it comes to skills, implementation, and approach.

His first memories of the game date back to playing in the local rec league, sitting on his dad’s shoulders when he’d run out of steam. His first live match was a friendly between AC Milan and Club América played in Atlanta. He had the chance to see the likes of Kaka and Ronaldinho play, an experience that left its mark. Brooks had the honor of playing in an academy in Barcelona during his freshman year of high school and the experience left him an absolute die hard for FC Barcelona.

A key name in Brooks’ soccer life is Coach Gary Reichard. Coach Gary has known Brooks since he was 5 years old, teaching him humility, a hard work ethic, and just about any other values that Brooks now carries with him onto the pitch. Gary Reichard is no longer with us, but Brooks knows his impact will be with him forever.

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