30 Arad Lev Ari

Arad Lev Ari
isr Israel
May 10, 2018

Raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Arad brings his skills to Duluth Football Club as a midfielder who can both develop the attack and control the center of the pitch. Combining with teammates and building plays are just some of the moments and chances that Arad loves to take on when he’s bossing the midfield. He didn’t start there, originally playing as a full back until a coach pushed him further up the pitch. He hasn’t looked back since.

When asked of how he got into the sport Arad put it simply, “My father is a huge part of why I got in to soccer,” his father helped show him how and why football could be a source of passion, pushing him forward as a person and a player. Arad is an avid supporter of his home club Maccabi Tel-Aviv and Liverpool FC. As you can imagine one of his footballing heroes is Steven Gerrard, a club legend for the Reds.

His first football memory is watching the 2002 World Cup, where stars like Ronaldo (O Fenômeno) showed him just how beautiful the beautiful game could be. The first match he got to watch live was Maccabi Tel-Aviv hosting Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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