Alex Johnston

Alex Johnston
sco Scotland
May 10, 2018

Born in the northern Scottish city of Inverness, Alex looks to provide his skills a big and physical player to keep the clean sheet for Duluth Football Club. Alex began as a forward, but was shifted into a defensive role following injuries. With time the position has grown on his heart, giving him a chance to be a leader on the pitch and to direct the flow of play.

His first memories of the game are shared with his neighbor Jess, who he credits as a big influencer when it came to his love of football. The two used to play football in the garden, using washing lines as goal posts and challenging one another to free kicks. Unfortunately, the older Jess often had the advantage. Alex’s first live match was a class, the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers. A famous matchup both within Scotland and across the globe, Alex went with a friend to watch the derby at Celtic Park, often referred to simply as “Parkhead”. Football was not a massive force within Alex’s family, but his friends and the occasional extended family member helped fuel his love of the game.

Alex loves Sergio Aguero, one of the top Argentinian players of our time, but considers players like Francesco Totti and Carles Puyol to be his idols. As you may have guessed, Alex is a supporter of Manchester City. He was introduced to the English club by a family friend and has “been in love ever since.”

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