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Aidan Hill
usa United States

Coming in from the great state of Illinois, Aidan Hill is everything you want in a footballer, an appreciator of the game, of great players, and great history. He loves to play as an attacking midfielder because it gives him opportunities to create plays, move forward, and get in on the scoring, while also helping to control the midfield.

Aidan had the chance to play football in England at the age of 5, an experience which was fun and helped expand his understanding of the world’s game. Aidan is a dedicated Liverpool supporter and was lucky enough to watch them live in Chicago in 2014 in a friendly against Greek giants Olympiacos.

Amongst the many talented players he’s had the chance watch, Aidan sites both Steven Gerrard, a Liverpool legend, and Ronaldinho, the Brazilian great who made his name at countless clubs and for Brazil, as the two that he idolized growing up. Both were attacking talents that could play many parts, including Aidan’s role as an attacking midfielder.

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