Duluth FC’s 2018 Squad – Collegiate Soccer Achievements

With the next NPSL season slowly approaching, Duluth FC wants to take a moment to acknowledge the many achievements earned by our players in collegiate soccer following their involvement in the 2018 season, which brought Duluth’s its biggest success in club history when the BlueGreens won their first ever regional title. Success, however, didn’t end there for your 2018 BlueGreens.

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Assembly Time

Beloved BlueGreens Brethren,

This edition of the Football Homily comes rather late, but I felt it was important to share it as it offers some personal insight. Every year at the beginning of December the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) organizes its Annual Owners Meeting. This year it was hosted by Minneapolis City SC in the crisp climate of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In spite of the cold, which scared many executives from clubs located in warmer climates, the gathering was successful and enjoyable. As one who attends many such assemblies of people, both as a participant and a speaker, I always make a list of “takeaways”, so I will share them
with you here. This was my third such annual experience representing Duluth FC at the NPSL AOM thus there were two other points of reference for the sake of comparison.

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Sometimes The Sequel Is Even Better – Duluth FC’s Season In Review

In Duluth’s second season as part of the NPSL’s Midwest-North conference, the BlueGreens took another step forward in their quest to be part of the core of lower league football in Minnesota. It was a journey that ended in a blaze of glory that quite possibly should have never ignited and yet in the end earned the club its first ever regional championship.

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