Ivan at the Showcase

This January, Ivan Adika became the first player to represent Duluth Football Club in the NPSL Player Showcase as part of the Midwest Team, which made it to the final against the West team. The showcase provided Ivan new learning experiences, learning to play with a whole new squad of players and coaching staff. With this in mind, it gave Ivan a chance to play alongside players from almost every club in the Northern Conference, players he usually saw as opponents and rivals. “It felt like I already knew them and it was a fun experience to actually play with them.”

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Disciples Announcement

Duluth Football Club is excited to announce we’re bringing back our membership program, better than ever! For $75 USD, you can become a member of the DISCIPLES, and represent our “12th player” as a supporter. The benefits of the membership include one season ticket, a home jersey bearing the the number twelve, along with the ability to vote on key topics and discounts on a variety of purchases. You will also receive weekly email updates throughout the season, get admission into the stadium up to an hour before matches, and have your name on the DISCIPLES page on our website.

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