“The 12th Player”
Club Membership Program

The DISCIPLES is a club membership program bringing together individuals who receive special status as leading supporters of Duluth FC. The beautiful game involves 11 players on the pitch at one time, but perhaps more than any other sport, football/soccer benefits greatly from fan support. Therefore these avid fans and supporters are known as the 12th Player. The DISCIPLES club membership fee is $75 for the 2019 season and Duluth FC offers 12 benefits for DISCIPLES:

  1. 1 Season Ticket package including friendlies and playoffs.
  2. 1 home kit jersey bearing the # 12 to show off your love for Duluth FC!
  3. 1 vote on the design of the stadium scarf for the season.
  4. 1 vote on the design of each of the 2 kits for the season.
  5. 1 vote on other club culture and image matters, at the invitation of club management.
  6. Discount on purchase of season tickets package – 20%, maximum 2 season tickets per year.
  7. Discount on purchase of individual match tickets – 20%, maximum 5 tickets per match.
  8. Discount for club merchandise – 10% discount on all club merchandise.
  9. Discounts at various local businesses supporting our “Disciples” club members.
  10. Early admission into the stadium – 1 hour before match start time.
  11. Weekly email (during the season) update from the club management.
  12. Your name listed on the DISCIPLES page of the website.



Current Disciple Count: 56

Tom Albright
Tara Anderson
Al Baumgarten-Leveille
LaVonne Bellanger
Rachel Birkholm
Dennys Bisogno
Dillon Brenner
Nick Campanario
Mark Fehringer
Dominic Forsyth
Miles Forsyth
Adam Fulton
Ricardo Gonzalez
Tom Greensall
Keith Hamre
Gaines Hirata
Kristen Hughes
Scott Hughes
Ryan Jones-Casey
Elijah Kramer
Steven Kramer
Christopher Kurensky
Sam Lockhart
Zach Marshak
Darcy McAuliffe
Evan Meyer
Isaac Meyer
Nathan Meyer
Nolan Meyer
James Nephew
Shawn Pagnucci
Stefan Pagnucci
Erik Pheifer
Mark Privratsky
Atle Rennan
Erica Rubin
Justin Rubin
Max Rubin
Andrea Sas
Casiana Sas
Gabriela Sas
Sofia Sas
Theodora Sas
Tim Sas
Noah Schuchman
Brynn Sias
Pat Sterner
Evan Taylor
Ben Trok
Christina Trok
Cian Trok
Nina Trok
Sterling Trok
Vincent Trok
Brendan Wright
Aaron Yates

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